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About Dr Henrik Norholt


Henrik Norholt, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Ergobaby Inc.


Dr. Norholt’s primary research focus is the effects of extended parent-infant contact. He is engaged in developing research into novel parent-infant interventions through his international network of researchers and clinicians within psychology, pediatrics, orthopedics, obstetrics, breastfeeding medicine, health visiting and midwifery. Outcomes for the research include attachment and long-term parental and child physiological and psychological health. The research spans a wide range of scientific topics, including amongst others child and adult brain and hormonal adaptation, attachment theory, perinatal stress and resilience processes, child socio-emotional regulation and pediatric orthopedics.

He is a frequent lecturer and external academic thesis supervisor at various early years practitioners’ universities, colleges, association meetings and international conferences. He is a member of The World Association of Infant Mental Health, The International Association for the Study of Affective Touch as well as The Society of Emotion and Attachment Studies. He holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Science at Copenhagen University and is a resident of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Recent activities

Peer-reviewed publications


Norholt, H. 2016. Early Parent-Infant Contact & Infant Carrying. In: Holme, H; Olavesen, ES; Valla, L & Bergum Hansen, M. (Eds). The Medical Center – children’s psychological health and development. Chapter in edited monograph, commissioned by The National Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Norway (RBUP). Original title: Helsestationstjenesten – Barns psykologiske helse og udvikling Gyldendal. (In Danish/Norwegian). ISBN/EAN: 9788205486294


Norholt, H & De Cock, P. 2015. Someone has to be mad about that child: Intervention strategy to promote parent-child attachment. Poster. Normal Labour & Birth Conference, Grange.


Norholt, H. 2013. Are we underestimating the effects on breastfeeding and attachment of skin-to-skin contact and movement beyond the immediate postpartum period? A review of the emerging evidence. Poster. Nordic Midwifery Conference, Oslo.

Conference contributions and lectures


Presenter. Annual Meeting. Danish Association of Infant Psychotherapy. Middelfart, Denmark

Presenter. 2nd Flemish BW conference. Antwerp, Belgium

Presenter. 2nd WEAR BW conference. Chicago, USA

Presenter. Perinatal Professionals evening lecture. Stockholm, Sweden

Presenter. Annual French Midwifery Conference. Strasbourg, France

Presenter. International Association for the Study of Affective Touch. John Moore University, Liverpool, The United Kingdom


Presenter. Full-day workshop. Spanish Midwives Association in collaboration with Ergobaby. Madrid, Spain

Presenter. Bond – babywearing conference. New York City, NY

Presenter. 2nd biennial babywearing conference, Institute for Hechting. Ede, Netherlands

Presenter. Full-day workshop. Czech babywearing association. Prague, Czech Republic

Presenter. Wear babywearing conference. Chicago, IL

Course leader. 2-day workshop on attachment during pregnancy. Copenhagen, Denmark

Presenter. Biennial conference, Babywearing International. Atlanta, GA

Presenter. 2nd Attachment Parenting conference. Hamburg, Germany

Presenter. 2 full-day workshops. La Teppe Medical Center, Valences, France

External lecturer. 4 lectures. Child Development program. Danish Institute for Studies Abroad for US undergraduate students. Copenhagen, Denmark


Presenter. Sponsored off-program event. American Academy of Pediatrics. Washington, DC.

Plenary presenter. MILK conference. Los Angeles, CA

Keynote speaker. 2nd European Babywearing Conference. Bristol, United Kingdom

Poster presentation. Normal Labour & Birth Conference. Lancaster, United Kingdom

Presenter. 5th National Babywearing Conference. Russia

Presenter. Off-site event. European Pediatric Orthopedic Society annual Conference. Marseille, France

Presenter. 1st Flemish Babywearing Conference. Antwerp, Belgium

Keynote speaker. 3rd Hungarian Babywearing Conference. Budapest, Hungary


Lead presenter. 1st Dutch Professional Babywearing Symposium. Ede, Netherlands

Lead presenter. 2nd Polish Attachment Parenting Conference. Warzaw, Poland

Special presenter. 4th International Babywearing Conference. Tuscon, AZ

Presenter. 4th National Babywearing Conference. Russia


Keynote speaker. 1st European Babywearing Conference. Bristol, United Kingdom

Presenter. Infant Mental Health Conference by The Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Southern Norway. Oslo, Norway

Poster presentation. Nordic Triennial Midwifery Conference. Oslo, Norway

Presenter. 3rd National Babywearing Conference. Russia


Presenter. 3rd International Babywearing Conference. Washington, DC

Presentation. Norwegian Midwifery Conference. Oslo, Norway

College/University lectures


Child Development Master’s Program. DIS, Copenhagen, Denmark


Midwifery Master’s Program. Southern Danish University, Odense, Denmark


Dept. of Midwifery, Groeningen, Amsterdam University. Groeningen, Netherlands


Dept. of Midwifery, Thomas Moore University College. Turnhout, Belgium

Dept. of Midwifery, Thomas Moore University College. Leuven, Belgium


Dept. of Midwifery, Arctic University of Norway. Tromsø, Norway

Closed workshops


Continuing education workshop day. Dutch BW consultant association. Utrecht, The Netherlands


Professional development day in collaboration with Spanish Midwives Association. Madrid

Professional development day in collaboration with Spanish babywearing consultancy groups. Madrid


Center for Babywearing Studies, NYC, NY.

Center for Babywearing Studies. Washington, DC                       


School of Babywearing. Bristol, United Kingdom

School of Babywearing. United Kingdom

Flemish Babywearing Association. Lier, Belgium


Dutch Babywearing Association. Driebergen, Netherlands

Spanish Babywearing affiliates. Madrid, Spain.

Ergobaby Inc. is one of the world’s leading companies within infant carrying equipment. In 2009, Ergobaby initiated a research strategy to stimulate international research in psychological and physiological aspects of infant carrying. The overriding ambition of the research is to strengthen infant and parental development. An international network of collaborators within psychology, pediatrics, orthopedics, breastfeeding medicine and midwifery has been established and is working towards this end.