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About Us

Babywearing Hub is founded by 2 passionate babywearing consultants (Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin and Nurjanna Ng) based in Singapore. We are on a mission is to help parents experience a pleasant babywearing journey with their baby.
We believe babywearing is a must parenting tool to help modern day parents to care for their babies with free hands. Babywearing also support the initiatives by these organisations:
"For nine months of pregnancy, mother and foetus have been one entity. In the womb the baby is warm, fed and protected, and that is all it needs to develop. When it is newborn, it still needs to be warmed, fed and protected, and when placed skin-to-skin on mother’s chest, a newborn baby is in the one place where warmth, food and protection is best available. Human newborns are born very immature, and in a way complete their gestation and development outside the womb, on mother’s chest."
"API promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. For life. So they can take those bonds with them into their adult lives and share them with their children. And their children can do the same. A life cycle of compassion and connection."
"Touch is a very powerful element in human bonding. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and prolonged eye contact are also important elements of bonding. Infant massage encompasses and supports all these vital aspects of bonding."
We are serious about helping parents carry their babies correctly and comfortably. We can be reached at for more information.
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