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Appropriate Baby Carrier

It is important to choose a baby carrier that fits you and baby comfortably. Especially for baby age 12 months and below, it is vital that the carrier is able to support the neck, back and hip so that baby can develop healthily.

How to choose a carrier? Ask the sales staff or a babywearing consultant these questions:

  1. Which carrier is suitable for my baby's age?
  2. Which carrier can meet my budget?
  3. Which carrier can carry my baby for the longest period of time (age)?
  4. Which carrier is suitable for certain activity?
  5. How to care for the carrier?
  6. Does this carrier affect my baby's skin condition?

Most carriers are made suitable for our Singapore weather. However, the difference in thickness affects different person differently. It is best for you to try them on before buying.

We also recommend that you start with the carrier design and/or colour you like best so that you will enjoy wearing it more often.