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Why do I need to carry my baby in a carrier? 

A carrier will help you relieve the load of carrying your baby with bare arms. With a carrier, you can have your hands free to do other things like simple house chores, carrying shopping bags or even playing with your elder children  

Why do I need to babywear? 

Apart from having free hands, babywearing your baby from birth does many benefits to baby's development.

  • gives baby the sense of security hence they feel safe and calm; resulting lesser cries
  • baby's body temperature is regulated 
  • you are atune to baby's cues and able to answer them promptly
  • stimulate hormones which promotes breastfeeding
  • an alternative way for father or other caregiver to bond and connect
  • able to help mother overcome post natal blues

Why do I need to see a babywearing consultant? 

Our babywearing consultants are certified individuals who have sacrificed time away from their family and children to attend a recognised babywearing school for the certification.

The certification course includes equipping our consultants with best babywearing technique, technique of teaching, understanding parents and babies needs, and some are certified with care for special need children.

What you learn from YouTube and experienced babywearers is not the same as getting yourself checked by a certified babywearing consultant.

Having said that, if you feel comfortable and confident in your current babywearing style, you should be alright.

How do I choose a Babywearing Consultant? 

We will assign the Babywearing Consultant based on which is nearest to you or the Consultant if its a housecall.

However, you can request for the Consultant of your choice and we will try our best to fulfill it.

Can I change my Consultant? 

You can change your Consultant 2 days before the appointment date as long the preferred consultant is available.

Can I get a refund of the my payment if I cannot attend the class? 

Payments made are non-refundable as effort has already been put in. However, we can make exception and will allow you to join the same type of class at a later date.