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We love working with Organic Family Chiropractic for their au-natural approach in prevention and healing. Especially since one of the Chiropractor is a babywearing mama herself. Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages and pregnant ladies too.
How we connect?
Chiropractors at Organic Family Chiropractic understand the benefits of babywearing and how it can help parents and babies neurologically and other positive developments that comes with it. At the same time, these Chiropractors are able to advise if your babywearing lifestyle needs adjustment that is suitable for your body condition, and it all starts from your spine. Get yourself checked!
Tel: +65 6810 8764
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Birth Mayya Centre

Birth Mayya is a centre operated by Doula Fadhila Yusope who is dedicated to help women get birth fit and enjoy their pregnancies, birth and breastfeeding journeys. She is a doula, paramedic, breastfeeding and natural birthing advocate. She believes that although medical intervention may be necessary for some, the majority of women have been designed for birth and can do so safely and naturally. She believe with the right physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation, all women can achieve the birth of their dreams.
How we connect?
Doula Fadhila approach in healthy pregnancy, positive birth experience and attachment parenting are aligned with our philosophy. We are able to support each other in every aspects to help parents be well informed throughout their parenting journey.
Tel: +65  9173 3402