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Workshop by Dr Henrik Norholt

Babywearing Hub Singapore

Workshop by Dr Henrik Norholt


Calling all Babywearing Educators, Lactation Consultants,Breastfeeding volunteers, Birth Educators, Doulas and all parents.

We are thrilled to have Dr Henrik Norholt in Singapore this April. His full profile is here

Workshop topic:

“Attachment Theory, Neuropsychology and Breastfeeding in Relation to Babywearing"

Brief synopsis of the workshop:

The workshop covers the history of the psychological paradigms for parenting in the past century, as these still influence current caregiving ideals.

It describes the evolution of modern child developmental psychology, leading to the most recent scientific advances in child psychology, drawing from the fields of mammalian and primate research, attachment theory, neuropsychology and studies into the effects of parent-infant physical contact/movement and babywearing.

The lecture will also cover current knowledge on links between parent-infant contact and breastfeeding outcomes.

There will be a focus on participant involvement, with small-group discussions and exercises to optimize participants’ understanding and practical application of the research presented.

Date : 28th April 2018

Location: Bove by Spring Maternity. 

Suntec City, Tower 4, East Wing #02-728 (Directly below Golden Village)

Fees : $25 per participant (refreshments included)


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